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Uncapitalize Text

While designing a website, I was challenged with figuring out how to uncapitalize several paragraphs of text that our client had mysteriously decided to type in all caps. The trick was to bring it into Microsoft Word, highlight the text and hit Shift+F3 twice. Perfect. Thanks Google… and Microsoft, I guess.

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  • There are also a few handy and quick tools floating around the web for this purpose.  One example:

    • Cool. Thanks for the tip. The one cool thing about the Microsoft Word trick is that it automatically capitalizes the first letter of every sentence.

  • Tejas

    Dude I can’t believe you figured that out! I tried helping troy last time with that issues. but I was only able to make everything lowercase.

    • Bookmark this link for next time:

  • Head Phones

    For those that don’t have the money or OS to use MS Word, you can use the Format->Change Case option in OpenOffice Writer.