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Stop Washer From Shaking

My mom won some kind of sweepstakes last month and got a whole new set of appliances: Water Heater; Fridge; Dishwasher; Washer/Dryer. They already had a new Washer and Dryer though, so they gave it to us for Christmas. I just got around to hooking it up this week. It’s not the first set I’ve installed, but it is the nicest… which is why I was surprised when the thing tried to self-destruct every time it ran the spin cycle. The first time it happened I was upstairs and the house started rumbling so inexplicably, that my first reaction was, “Rapture?” A moment later, it hit me, and I ran downstairs to find the washer slamming itself up against the┬ácinderblock wall several feet and perpendicular from where it was installed.

The collective wisdom of the internet said that it just needed to be leveled, but after meticulously adjusting the feet for an hour, I took this video.

I only wish I’d taken a video before┬áthe leveling, because it dramatically improved the situation, and at least I wasn’t worried about it ripping the pipes out of the wall anymore. But obviously, something still wasn’t right. After I’d exhausted all of my ideas, I did something I rarely resort to, I read the instructions. “REMOVE SHIPPING BOLTS from back of machine before use.” Hmph. Why couldn’t you have told me that google?

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