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Golf Ninja

Golf Ninja
When I happened across this puppy, I was tempted to just post a long string of repeating lol’s and let the photo speak for itself. It surely could. I mean, how could I really add any value to such an exquisite gem? But I couldn’t stand not knowing more about the man who thinks squatting like spiderman is acceptable golf etiquette, and I thought you might be curious too.

As a quick backstory, I was searching “Golf Ninja” because we have a client who’s logo is a ninja with golf clubs. Funny logo, way funnier reality, way detrimental to my productivity.
Now, I’m no sports junkie, so excuse my ignorance if you unaffectedly watch this goof hover-plank 18 holes a day on ESPN7… but I was tickled and mystified by this act of contortionism, and my curiosity would not go unquenched.

My CyberStalk:
All I had to go off of was the “cob…” on his visor, so I type “golf cob” and google immediately suggests Cobra. Progress! I then search for golfers sponsored by Cobra and get a fairly long list:

Rickie Fowler? Too young.

Jason Gore? Too fat.

Johan Edfors? Too scruffy

Blair o’Neal? Too hot!

Jonas Blixt? Too pale

Diego Valasquez? wtf

Ian Poulter? Hmm… pink pants. Maybe? Nah.

Camilo Villegas… BINGO!!!

The pride I feel for having found him is duly amplified by the plethora of spidey pics google has served up. And when viewed in succession, it seems obvious that he spends the entire game just slinking around on his face salamander-style.

Why is the golf community not trumpeting this guy’s name? You don’t have to like golf to enjoy a man acting-a-fool on the golf course. Did we learn nothing from Happy Gilmore?

Camilo, though I have never seen you play, know very little about you, and have absolutely no authority to do so, I hearby deem you The People’s Golfer.

First Planking, then Tebowing. Lord, please let “Camiloing” be next.

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