• Here in San Francisco, you generally just have to avoid blocking driveways and painted curbs. The rest is (usually) fair game.

    • Wow Ari, you are the last person I expected to get driving advice from. Tell me you didn’t buy a car.

      • Hahaha, I did not. But us non-drivers, we listen. We hear. We watch.

  • JParm

    YES! And you know what else bugs me? Signs that END a speed limit. “End 45 mph zone.” Ok, cool, but what is the speed limit NOW? Wouldn’t it be more effective to just say “Aight, it’s now 55 mph.”

  • Monsterdouche
  • LAH

    Has to be within 15 feet to allow firetrucks to have room. About the no parking sign…on our street it actually says “from here to corner” on the sign. Hoping that is a new trend bc it makes it clear. :)

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