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Why Did Mark Wahlberg Go To Jail?

Marky Mark was on Anderson Cooper’s talk show recently for a special on gang violence. He talked in few details about his tumultuous past and involvement in gang activity as a kid. He now involves himself in youth outreach programs to help prevent others from making the same mistakes.

As I was watching The Fighter this weekend, I was reminded of the interview, and decided to find out what it was that he did, and perhaps get some insight into why he is such a bad-ass.

I didn’t have to go any further than Wikipedia for this one, so I won’t rehash all the details here, but he was in a gang and participated in several racial hate crimes; one so bad as to be ruled attempted murder. Pretty heavy stuff. Fortunately, through his faith, and involvement in the Catholic Church he was able to turn his life around… but I still wouldn’t want to piss him off.

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  • guest

    Wahlberg blinded a man in one eye in one of his hate crimes. He never made restitution nor found the man to apologize.

    You say he turned “his life around” through this faith? Ridiculous.

    He got away with it. He served 45 days in jail for SCOOPING OUT A PERSON’S EYE!!!

    And he never made amends. A lot of criminals pretend to find God after they’ve been caught. I’ll only believe it when they really try to do everything they can to heal the hurt the caused. Wahlberg never did. He went on to make money and enjoy his life. I don’t believe his discovery of “faith” is any more legitimate than any other hustler in prison.

    He does not deserve to be a movie star. He does not deserve the success he has. He is just a criminal who got away with it

    Don’t excuse him.

    • Miguel Garcia

      Are you implying that he didn’t work for what he had?….That’s a silly thing to conclude. You sound like an envious little hate mongrel. People do bad things, sure, but it doesn’t mean that it should plague them for the rest of their living years. Imbecile…