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Jaleel White Controversy

I once sent a letter to Jaleel White.  That’s right…out of all the celebrities I could have chosen to look up to as a third grader, I chose a gimmicky character actor with an alter-ego that wasn’t much better.  How did a track down his address, you ask?  Why through a book of celebrity addresses I purchased at the scholastic book fair, of course! I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I received a post card about a year later, albeit mass-produced, although by that time as a 4th grader I had set my sights higher on actors of a finer caliber—you know, like Ug.

However, Jaleel/Steve/SteFAHN will always hold a special place in the part of my heart I reserve for D-list celebrities, so when I heard about his recent controversy on Dancing With the Stars, I was concerned.  My first thought was that he must have gotten a little too frisky with his assigned pro partner, when in fact he got a bit violent. Like Myra and Laura Winslow cat fight violent. “Sources” say that White snapped under the DWTS pressure during Friday’s rehearsal and took it out on his pro. “Sources” also say that White will not be speaking to the public on this matter and has chosen instead to release a brief statement.

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Vibram Five Fingers Marathon

Vibram five fingers.
Good for running marathons?
Yes, if you like pain.

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