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Why are feet ticklish?

Okay, this is a great question to ask, you’re all thinking.  Sure, we’re ticklish, but why?

Turns out that Livestrong has some ideas and, as usual, things end up with me looking on Wikipedia.  Things always end up with me and Wikipedia.

Anyways, most likely it’s just a wacky ‘ol survival mechanism.  Like, hey, you have a centipede on your foot.  Or hey, you have a black widow hanging out in your armpit.  These are things that we need to know.

But then Charles Darwin has to throw in his stupid opinion.  We get it Darwin, you came up with evolution.  We get it, you have like … the absolute coolest beard ever.  We don’t stand a chance at that level of awesome-beard.  WE GET IT!  STOP RUBBING IT IN OUR STUPID FACES WITH INFERIOR BEARDS ON THEM!  I mean, the nerve of this guy!  Can you believe it?

Right, tickling.  Darwin thinks that it’s some wacky bonding social thing, like teaching kids to trust their parents while also bonding.  Sure.  I mean, he’s probably right, just check out that glorious beard.

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