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Best Cinemagrams

Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg cinemagraph
I absolutely love these things. For starters, they’re pretty creepy, which is almost always a good thing… unless it’s the combover / shirt-pocket full of lollipops type of creepy. I think what really enchants me about them though, is how they break some sort of reality barrier in my mind. I get the feeling like these are real people trapped in photos… and I can’t stop staring.

I found out this art-form is actually called a cinemagraph, but there’s an iphone app called cinemagram, which is why I was searching to begin with. I was tipped off to the app by a tweet from Zadi Diaz, who used to be the host of my favorite web show, Epic Fu, before they just mysteriously stopped creating new content without offering any warning or explanation. I’m not bitter.

There are plenty of people making cinemagraphs, but not many doing it well. When I did this search I found dozens of best-of lists, but they all had the same pictures… almost all ripped from the same website. The site belongs to Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. They were actually the ones to coin the term cinemagraph when they started trapping people’s souls inside photographs in 2011.

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What’s In Chicken McNuggets

“See if you can handle the 20 piece nugget,” I suggest to my coworker Troy as he tries to decide what to get from McDonalds. But he tells me he can’t eat them anymore after seeing a picture online of what they are made from. He says if I can find the picture he saw, I’d never touch them again either.

It wasn’t hard to find, and let’s admit, yes, that looks heinously disgusting… but if that goop tastes half as good as the finished product, give me a straw and some honey mustard. Those nuggets are too delicious to boycott on account of being made from some chemical-laden animal by-pudding. So keep squirting that crap into your 4-shape mold, Ronald. I’m partial to the one that looks like a boot.

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Mary Tyler Moore Phone

I recently fell in love with The Mary Tyler Moore Show and decided to make Mary Richards my style inspiration. So far, this has resulted in my cavorting about the city wearing an excessive amount of charcoal eyeliner and the one pair of flared pants that I own. I also changed my facebook profile picture to a picture of Mary, because. . . why not?

This morning, I arrived at work to find that after two years, I finally got my very own phone at my very own desk. With my very own phone extension. I needed a new facebook photo, stat. So I searched Mary Tyler Moore Phone.

Conclusion: The internet is full of photos of Mary on the job at WJM, including this gem.

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Male Gardener

Found during a stock photo search for "Male Gardener" while working on a gardening/nursery website.

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