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Polite Way to Ask Someone to Stop Emailing You

Over the summer, my friend Patty suggested an emergent club that might interest me.  She put me in touch with the group’s president, who was enthusiastic with a capital E. He told me he’d be happy to add me to their mailing list. I responded that I was looking forward to meeting him in person at Tuesday’s meeting, and that Patty had given me all the details I needed to get there. I guess, technically, on the subject of the mailing list. . . I never actually said no.

Here we are, early April, and I’m still receiving 3-4 emails a week regarding the study sessions, meeting minutes and upcoming potluck dinners of a group that I attended exactly once. Such is my luck that not one of these emails has featured an unsubscribe button. I don’t want to burn any bridges here, so I Googled, “What is a polite way to ask someone to stop emailing you?”

The top hits fell into two categories: 1. Just hit the unsubscribe button, you silly girl. And 2. Sometimes in life, you have to suck it up and tell a friend not to send you so many forwards. But if you’re really struggling, here’s a service that will pass on the message anonymously. This doesn’t really solve my dilemma. But maybe some of you have an aunt or co-worker who could use a friendly reminder.

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Why Does Gold Give You Bruises?

This is probably not something that I should be advertising on the general interweb, but I have some serious gold.

Not like, Scrooge McDuck goes swimming gold. But I have a 1910 gold sovereign from England, strung on a gold chain. My grandfather gave it to my grandmother and now I wear it. Not because I’m fancy, but because I’m sentimental. Also because it makes me feel a little like a pirate.

Anyway, yesterday I took the necklace off and there, on my chest, was a dark greenish-black blotch which would not wash away. I would have written this off as a mysterious bruise, were it not the same shape and size of my doubloon. Because I know the gold is real [trust me, my grandmother mails me a facsimile of the insurance appraisal bi-annually] I had to ask Google: “Why does gold give you bruises?” If you believe old wives’ tales, or, I am highly anemic. I guess it’s time to pump up the iron.

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Seniors Meet-Up NYC

Some of my students are working on a project that involves interviewing members of their community. One group, in particular, is focused on individuals of a certain age. Often, the best way to nail down a particular demographic is to visit them at their local watering hole. So when one student told me that he was having trouble finding elderly people to chat with, I suggested a) the diner across the street from my apartment b) the coffee shop across the street from my apartment and c) the funeral home across the street from my apartment. Then I did a quick Google search for “Seniors Meet-Up NYC.” As it turns out, if you’re in your golden years, Meetup offers dozens of ways to connect for appetizers, jam sessions and retirement planning. I don’t know about my students, but quite frankly, I’m thinking about crashing PESID’s next event. [Spring fling in the Rockaways? Sounds like a dime store novel just waiting to be written.]

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Ears to the Ground

I’m in the market for a new apartment. I live in New York City, where it’s easier to snag a private box at Yankee Stadium than it is to find a decent, affordable place to hang your hat. I decided to post a note online, asking all of my friends to keep their ears to the ground. Then I paused. Since losing a bitter battle over the phrase “For All Intents and Purposes” – show of hands if you too thought it was “Intensive” – I have paid careful attention to my use of idioms. There’s nothing worse than being *this* close to winning an argument, only to find out that tender hooks aren’t really a thing. I started to experience some serious doubt. Was it ears to the floor? Ears to the door? Ears open? Maybe I should just ask people to listen hard. Fortunately, Google led me here, and confirmed that ears to the ground does, in fact, refer to listening for clues. Until I get a hot tip, you can find me on Padmapper. Fingers crossed for exposed brick.

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Mary Tyler Moore Phone

I recently fell in love with The Mary Tyler Moore Show and decided to make Mary Richards my style inspiration. So far, this has resulted in my cavorting about the city wearing an excessive amount of charcoal eyeliner and the one pair of flared pants that I own. I also changed my facebook profile picture to a picture of Mary, because. . . why not?

This morning, I arrived at work to find that after two years, I finally got my very own phone at my very own desk. With my very own phone extension. I needed a new facebook photo, stat. So I searched Mary Tyler Moore Phone.

Conclusion: The internet is full of photos of Mary on the job at WJM, including this gem.

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Is OkCupid really okay?

Shortly before the holidays, a slew of my friends took a stab at online dating. Kim immediately enlisted me in routinely proofreading her profile for typos or anything else that might make her undesirable to eligible bachelors. I wasn’t the ideal candidate for this job. Yes, my grammar is impeccable. However, I’m chronically undateable. Also, I promptly forgot her OkCupid name.

One night, I got a text message reading: “Updated fave movies. Too many rom coms?? Check it out!!”

Check it out. Crap. Was she KC23? KC323? KLCThirtySomethingPisces? The only thing I could visualize in my mind was the tagline she’d used, “Is OkCupid really okay?” And instead of behaving like a normal person and texting back, “Remind me. Your handle?” I went to Google and searched her tagline. I was never able to locate Kim’s page because I was overwhelmed by all of the single people who wanted to know how OkCupid stacks up to Match and Eharmony.

If you really want to know if OkCupid is okay, here are some people with opinions on the subject. Now stop flooding the internet with this question so I can find Kim’s profile.

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