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Is OkCupid really okay?

Shortly before the holidays, a slew of my friends took a stab at online dating. Kim immediately enlisted me in routinely proofreading her profile for typos or anything else that might make her undesirable to eligible bachelors. I wasn’t the ideal candidate for this job. Yes, my grammar is impeccable. However, I’m chronically undateable. Also, I promptly forgot her OkCupid name.

One night, I got a text message reading: “Updated fave movies. Too many rom coms?? Check it out!!”

Check it out. Crap. Was she KC23? KC323? KLCThirtySomethingPisces? The only thing I could visualize in my mind was the tagline she’d used, “Is OkCupid really okay?” And instead of behaving like a normal person and texting back, “Remind me. Your handle?” I went to Google and searched her tagline. I was never able to locate Kim’s page because I was overwhelmed by all of the single people who wanted to know how OkCupid stacks up to Match and Eharmony.

If you really want to know if OkCupid is okay, here are some people with opinions on the subject. Now stop flooding the internet with this question so I can find Kim’s profile.

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