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Why Does Gold Give You Bruises?

This is probably not something that I should be advertising on the general interweb, but I have some serious gold.

Not like, Scrooge McDuck goes swimming gold. But I have a 1910 gold sovereign from England, strung on a gold chain. My grandfather gave it to my grandmother and now I wear it. Not because I’m fancy, but because I’m sentimental. Also because it makes me feel a little like a pirate.

Anyway, yesterday I took the necklace off and there, on my chest, was a dark greenish-black blotch which would not wash away. I would have written this off as a mysterious bruise, were it not the same shape and size of my doubloon. Because I know the gold is real [trust me, my grandmother mails me a facsimile of the insurance appraisal bi-annually] I had to ask Google: “Why does gold give you bruises?” If you believe old wives’ tales, or, I am highly anemic. I guess it’s time to pump up the iron.

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  • Lizz

    Well it’s because the gold is real is why you have this bruise. The same thing happened to me today I’ve been worn my mother’s wedding ring for about6 months now and today I woke up and my ffinger was purple and green and actually really hurt. I was talking to a friend and he said it’s because I have low iron in my body. Which made complete sense seeing as how I’m going to start my period soon. Now the reasons go on as to why you have low iron but I guarantee that is why you have that weird bruise from your necklace. Im not positive but I was told that the gold causes some chemical reaction on your skin when you have low iron. I’m still baffled by it honestly it was crazy. Like if I run the ring hard on the top of my hand it turns my skin black. And I tried it on other people and it didn’t turn theirs black. Freaky!