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Holes in Aluminum Foil

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We’ve had a pan of my mother-in-law’s famous southern cornbread sitting out on the counter for a couple of days covered in aluminum foil. When I pulled the foil back to cut a slice, I noticed that there were disgusting little holes in the foil as if bugs had eaten through it. I wish I had a picture to post here, but my wife threw it away before I had a chance to find out that it wasn’t as gross as we’d thought.


I was pretty surprised to discover the cause of this phenomenon. I would have guessed roaches, metal-munching bacteria, manufacturing defect… but not that our cornbread had magically turned into a battery. Apparently, this is known as the “Lasagna Cell” effect, and it happens when you put a salty wet food (This ain’t your average cornbread. Think cheese log with cornmeal.) into a steel pan and cover it with foil. It becomes a recipe for electricity as much as it is for Coronary heart disease. Now anywhere the food touches the foil, it creates a short in the battery and corrodes a tiny bug-like hole.

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  • Feu Benit

    Thank you so much for posting this! This same thing happened to me and I thought roaches had gotten into my fridge and ate through aluminum foil that covered my seasoned potatoes. This post was very explanatory, informative, and ceased my worries that roaches somehow found their way into my refrigerator. Thanks a bunch!