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Holes in Aluminum Foil

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We’ve had a pan of my mother-in-law’s famous southern cornbread sitting out on the counter for a couple of days covered in aluminum foil. When I pulled the foil back to cut a slice, I noticed that there were disgusting little holes in the foil as if bugs had eaten through it. I wish I had a picture to post here, but my wife threw it away before I had a chance to find out that it wasn’t as gross as we’d thought.


I was pretty surprised to discover the cause of this phenomenon. I would have guessed roaches, metal-munching bacteria, manufacturing defect… but not that our cornbread had magically turned into a battery. Apparently, this is known as the “Lasagna Cell” effect, and it happens when you put a salty wet food (This ain’t your average cornbread. Think cheese log with cornmeal.) into a steel pan and cover it with foil. It becomes a recipe for electricity as much as it is for Coronary heart disease. Now anywhere the food touches the foil, it creates a short in the battery andĀ corrodesĀ a tiny bug-like hole.

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